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Jamie Krutz, the A.C.E. Orchestra
Photo by Steve Balderrama

A graduate of Player's Workshop West at the Bovine Metropolis Theater, Jamie performs improv comedy with "Nitrous Oxide," "Funishment," "Unreel" and "Lungfish Theater," and does solo musical and standup comedy. He is also known for his musical work with A.C.E.

Barbara, Linda and Matthew from A.C.E. Comedy

Barbara, Linda and Matthew from A.C.E.

Jamie adds the musical dimension to Denver's "Best of Westword" comedy troupe A.C.E. as the "A.C.E. Orchestra." Music and long form improv feed into each other to create new worlds, new perspectives and amazing characters.

"Standout Moments: Jamie Krutz provided phenomenal electric guitar background music for the entire show, including some improvised songs. Jamie is like the Warren Zevon of the Denver improv scene and it was a pleasure to see him again." -Nathan Melcher, Denver Improv Festival review.

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