"Toward An Attitude"
Jamie Krutz - Solo CD Release Concert

A Musical Celebration

Saturday May 7th, 2005 - Jazz At Jack's in Denver, Colorado

Time to celebrate: "The new CD is DONE!"

Keyboards, vocals and violin, it's all good.
Jamie performs songs from the new CD "Toward An Attitude,"
plays favorites from "Naked,"
and a whole set of music from CDs yet to come!

From acoustic fingerpicking to electric shredding, Jamie gets his guitar face on. Only one broken string (saved by Roger!).

Autographs and hanging out after the show with Jen, Linda, Lori, Roger, Jim and Angie.

Toward An Attitude CD cover

Acquire your own copy of "Toward An Attitude" by emailing Jamie.

Huge, gigantic thanks to guest-of-honor Chuck Phillips for engineering on the CD and constant encouragement; Jennifer Thomas-Krutz for singing backups on the CD, excellent voice coaching and emotional support; Lori Drienka for running the door and general wonderfulness; Roger Drienka for calmly solving logistical problems that came up; the great team at Jazz At Jack's - Paul for doing a fantastic job on sound - Sarah, Lisa and Bill for keeping the food and drink coming and being good-humored and gracious hosts; Jimmy Winokur for taking these awesome official concert pics; TC Bliss for sending more pics (the first pic above is Tom's); Sandra for the encouragement to do the show at Jazz At Jack's and making it happen; Linda, Barbara and Matthew from A.C.E.; Jamie's awesome bandmates; and everyone who came to support the music and share the magic!

Not to mention the horse on Jamie's shirt, for artistic inspiration and synchronicity with Bruce and the guys in Eohippus - the coolest band, who played the night away!

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